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When versatility is a necessity!

Our multi-user, multi-tasking CAT system.

AristoPride runs with networked computers under the Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP operating environment. Ideal for firms and court systems that want the ability to allow several reporters to work simultaneously, but do not want to purchase several software licenses.

With one software license, up to three computers can be networked together, sharing resources such as printers, fax/modems and disk drives. This provides a very cost effective solution, allowing up to three reporters to work simultaneously. And since this is done with the Windows operating system, each reporter can multi-task their work as well.

Find out why the Circuit Courts of Hawaii and the California Hearing Reporters have switched to AristoPride.

  • Reduced hardware and software costs.
  • Each reporter can have his or her own multi-tasking workstation. Productivity increases.
  • All AristoCAT software components are included.

AristoPride is $4,995.00

With AristoPride, there is no waiting.

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