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AristoCAT Transcript Editor

Edit with ease and speed. AristoCAT has the fastest, easiest, most flexible Edit program
of any CAT system. A reporter's/scopist's dream come true.
  • Customize Edit to suit your needs and editing style.
  • Programmable function keys (just type in the commands)
    Function keys can even be reprogrammed while editing, simply and quickly!
  • Toggles allow you to turn certain functions on/off, i.e.,
    Autoglobal, Autopunctuation, etc., and can be changed while editing.
  • Print from & during editing
  • Insert/typeover modes (word processing)
  • Review and/or scroll steno notes
  • Review and/or edit dictionary entries
  • Single keystroke
  • Qs, As, Paragraphs
  • adds "BY" line or inserts colloquy
  • changes colloquy or Q/A to and from colloquy or Q/A
  • word swap A
  • dashes Q/A or colloquy
  • stitches spellings
  • converts numbers/words, words/numbers
  • caps/uncaps words or phrases hyphenation
  • Edit maintains title/appearance page formatting of template files
  • No "command line" editing, work anywhere on the screen
  • Fast Edit mode
  • Truly automatic punctuation/capitalization
  • Invisible notes (visible only to reporter/scoper) do not affect pagination
  • Search forward or backward
  • Use global files from previous edits
  • Maintains two backup copies of every file- automatic timed save
  • Search, review and/or delete any global during Edit
  • Cut and Paste
  • Visual prompts of double Qs, As, Colloquys, words
  • Displays page/line/column location of cursor
  • Choose text/background colors and font
  • Choose single or double spaced display
  • Change function of Enter, DEL, and cursor keys
  • All functions can be performed from the Home Keys using Ctrl or Alt
  • Create/resolve conflicts
  • Two or more ways to perform any function, use what works best for you!

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