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Translation/Realtime Translation

Translate, edit and print the same or different transcripts simultaneously Realtime! And we don't just mean realtime translation, we are talking about realtime transcript production! The realtime translation includes:
  • Smart prefixes and suffixes
  • Automatic conflict resolution
  • Phonetic translation file (user definable)
  • Built-in telecommunications for point-to-point or Internet connections
  • Multiple choice of fonts and colors
  • Control of text size, line spacing, upper/lower case
  • Scrollable screens for readback controlled from your data writer
  • Make dictionary entries from your data writer
  • Time stamping/Audio Synch
  • Auto includes
  • Truly Automatic Punctuation (no need to marry steno strokes)
  • Automatic "BY" line (seven style choices)
  • Output to TotalView, LiveNote, CaseView (And our upcoming Collaborator)
  • Output to your editor/scoper
Realtime Transcription means that while you are performing all of the above functions, your translation can be:
  • Edited (job or dictionary entries by scopist will immediately apply to your translation)
  • Printed (send edited pages to the printer while scoping)
  • Invisible Notes (notes can be placed in the transcript without affecting pagination) These notes (invisible to all but the scopist/editor) will allow you to quickly scan to questionable areas, usually during breaks, to double check before delivering the final transcript. So if something does require a change, you only need reprint the specific page that was altered. Using this method of printing while editing, final transcript can be ready within moments of the end of the proceeding.

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