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Important Note: Though we attempt to answer all calls immediately there are times when you will get the voice mail system. Please begin by slowly & clearly giving us your name, phone number, a short description of your query or problem and perhaps a repeat of the phone number. Please keep your message short so as not to exceed the message limits. This will help us respond to your message as quickly as possible.

Contact Information:
Telephone: 1.800.727.4786 (7-ARISTO)

West Coast Sales Local Number: (541) 389-8145

FAX: (541) 389-2417
Postal address
423 NE Clay Avenue
Bend, OR 97701
General Information: [aristocat@aristocat.com]
Sales: [sales@aristocat.com]
Customer Support: [support@aristocat.com]
Webmaster: [aristocat@aristocat.com]
If you use a free web-based provider like hotmail, yahoo or google please use our email form

Sending Support Emails:
Our AristoCAT mail server monitors several e-mail accounts. With the volume of spam and viruses being sent over the Internet, we are very careful about the e-mail we open. Even though our ISP filters both spam and viruses, we still get a tremendous volume of junk e-mail. There are a number of things you can do to help ensure that we get and respond to your e-mail:

Send the e-mail to support@aristocat.com
Use a meaningful subject. When appropriate, use a program name such as Multipag, Real-Time, etc. in the subject line or something we can use to identify you as an AristoCAT customer.
Do not send an attachment unless we ask you to. If we get an e-mail with an unexpected attachment, we almost always delete the e-mail without opening

AristoCAT is committed to giving our customers comprehensive, responsive support whether by phone, fax or email.
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