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This page contains answers to some of the most common questions handled by our support staff, along with some useful tips and tricks.
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Note: In these answers we will follow a few shorthand conventions for describing user-interface procedures. Key combinations are presented like this: Ctrl+Alt+Delete, which indicates that you should press and hold down the Control key, the Alt key, and the Delete key at the same time. Menu selections will be presented like this: File->Open, which means that you should open the File menu, and then make the Open selection.

  1. How do I Install the AristoCAT Software?
  2. What does the message "Too Many Installs" mean?
  3. How do I send an email attachment?
  4. How do I receive an email attachment?
  5. When using the real-time program, I get the message "Unable to establish Communications"
  6. Can I use my wireless writer with AristoCAT?


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