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How do I send an email attachment?
It is now possible for you to send an email directly from our File Management program.

Sending Attachments outside of File Management:

Using the email software of your choice (MS Outlook, Netscape Navigator, etc.) you can send any file(s) as an attachment to an Email message. When the message is sent it takes the attachment with it. The method of attachment is a little different for each program, but generally the steps are the same. The following example is using Microsoft Outlook Express.

Note: It is highly recommended that you zip any file(s), especially text files, that you are going to send as an attachment. Use the the File Management program to zip files.

Step 1: Create a new e-mail message.

Click on Compose Message.

Step 2: Fill in recipient's name, subject line, e-mail address and message text.

Step 3: Select the option to insert a file Attachment.

Click on Insert, File Attachment

Step 4: Select the file to attach.

For our example, the file is a work file named MILLER located in the PAM user area on the hard disk. This file can be found using Windows navigation.

Click on the C: Drive

Double Click on the PAM folder

This opens the folder.


Click the Attach Button

The message now indicates that the message has an attachment.

Step 5: Click on SEND



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