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Can I use my new wireless writer with AristoCAT?

There are no issues with using wireless (commonly referred to as 'BlueTooth') equipment to receive a Real Time feed from your writer. There are several newer models of writers which have this ability built in as well as equipment specifically designed to allow older writers to make use of wireless communication. Though there are no program issues there are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Just as you would when setting up Real Time using a cable you must be sure all the hardware connections are properly secured and seated tight.
  • Depending on your computers operating system you may require specific drivers (software) to allow your computer to access the wireless device.
  • The com serial port assignment number will change and can be anything from com 2 to 9 or higher. This means you will have to check the com port number and then change the current com port assignment in your Information File under Tran Options. Note: to access numbers higher than com 8 you will need to download and install the latest Dec03 Maintenance Update

To check your wireless device com port assignment access the Device Manager of your computer. Using your computers HELP system will point you to the Device Manager. Click START>HELP & SUPPORT and type DEVICE MANAGER into the search string box.

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