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For the month of 9/05- Importing dictionary's from RTF

As the court reporting industry has grown so have the services available to members of the profession. Over the years our customer's have expressed an interest in using dictionaries based on specific theories and created by third party vendors. Since this isn't something AristoCAT user's do every day the dictionary conversion process is seldom discussed.

AristoCAT makes available an entire separate conversion program for all manner of files including the native formats for several CAT systems. To access the conversion program first left double-click on the ACAT Menu program icon in the AristoCAT folder. The Acat Menu will open. Under the menu heading 'File Backup/Restore' you will find a selection for 'Convert Files' (image left).


Once you've clicked on 'Convert Files' the conversion program will open. As you can see from the image at right the conversion program has several catagories of file types. For the sake of this F.A.Q. we're just going to discuss the catagory 'Convert Dictionaries' . When you click on this heading the choices are 'Dict. Jump Start' and 'RTF'. Dictionary Jump Start is a vendor which offers several types of dictionaries which come in a slightly different format than standard RTF. The process is the same regardless of which one of these selections you make.
Once you have selected either of the two choices under 'Convert Dictionaries' the Open File dialog window will open. At this point the AristoCAT conversion program will be looking in your Reporter Folder for the RTF file you want to convert. If you have not done so please move the RTF file from whatever medium it was sent to you into your Reporter Folder. If you are confident in your own abilities to do it you can also use this Open File dialog window to navigate to wherever this RTF file is in the computer. Once you see the RTF file in the Open File dialog window simply select the file and press the Open button. Next you will be prompted to decide what kind of dictionary this will be (image at left). More often than not you're going to converting this file into a Job Dictionary.

Once you have selected the type of dictionary the conversion program will place all the entries into the Job Dictionary or Personal Dictionary batch file and the message window at right will appear. The number of entries converted is displayed and you are reminded that you must now update either the Job Dictionary or Personal Dictionary batch file must be update. You must access the Dictionary Management program to update your dictionaries.



Note: If you are converting a Dictionary Jump Start file the version of the Dictionary Jump Start must be taken into account. When you select Dict. Jump Start from the Dictionary Conversion menu you will receive the message at left. Refer to you Dictionary Jump Start program information.

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