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Read Notes Tips

1. You can highlight more than one file at a time and read them in as one note file.

2. If you click on the wrong file to read or view, click on it again to deselect it.

3. With the Stentura/elan Mira, you can check the Convert HMS box and create a time stamp file without having to do real-time. You can then apply then time stamps to a printed transcript. ASCII files or to condensed print.

4. If you have more than one reporter code (because you have multiple formats), you are asked which reporter code you want to use with the note file. That reporter code is stored with the note file and when you translate, it will translate using that format.

5. You can change the reporter code (information file) by clicking on the New RC button.

6. If you need to change writer diskettes, click the New Disk button after you have inserted the new diskette. This tells the Read program to display the note files on the new diskette.

7. If you change the type of writer you are using (because you purchased a new one or you had to borrow one), go to the AristoCAT icons, click on the ACAT Menu program, click on the Setup menu item, then click on Choose Type of Writer. If you borrow a writer, be sure to change back to your writer when you get it back.

8. If you have a note diskette with a bad sector and you can't read a note file, run the SCANDISK program on the diskette (first read all of the other notes files you can). SCANDISK will attempt to fix any bad files and, if it can, will name each file it can recover file0000.chk, file0001.chk, et. cetera. The Read program will show you these files and you can view and then elect to read them.

9. Be sure to use double density diskettes in the SmartWriter, Baron TX, MeritWriter and all Xscribe writers, otherwise the newer computers will not be able to read them.

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